This book will take you on a journey--a journey to look at Jesus in a new way. Even though he may be the central figure in human history, in reality, he wants to be the central figure of every human heart. The human heart was made for joy, not for sadness. It withers when confronted with sorrow and it expands when bathed in joy. Jesus came to flood our hearts with that joy that we all crave. This is the message of Pope Francis's Apostolic Letter, The Joy of the Gospel,as well.

This book was written to help everyone, young and old--but especially Catholic youth and young adults who no longer practice their faith, to experience the joy of discovering that "treasure hidden in the field." The author, Victor Galeone, was raised in Baltimore and earned a Licentiate in Theology at the Gregorian University in Rome. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1960 and served in Baltimore as a pastor, then as a professor and principal of the day seminary. He earned a Masters Degree in Education at Loyola College and he also served as a missionary in Peru for 11 years. In August 2001 he was ordained Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, where he served until retiring in June 2011.



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